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Lomar Ghas

Lomar Ghas

Common name: Foxtail grass

Scientific Name: Polypogon  monspeliensis


  • Lomar ghas is an erect annual Narrow leaves weed belonging to Gramineae family.
  • It reproduces mainly through seeds, which are Very lighter.
  • It is mostly found on places having abundant moisture such as along the irrigation channels and bunds.
  • It is commonly found under late sown conditions (December).
  • It has linear leaves and its height is less than wheat. Its panicles are light greenish, silky and dense.


Control Measure

  • Pre-emergence spray of pendimethalin 30 EC(Stomp) @ at the rate of 3.3 liter/ha in 500-750 litres of water at the time of 2-3 days after sowing. There should be good soil moisture for better performance.
  • Post-emergence application of isoproturon at the rate of 1.0kg/ha in 250-300 litres of water at the time of 30-35 days after sowing.

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