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List of Indian Agricultural Portal

 INDIAN AGRICULTURAL WEBSITES - IFFCO Live is an information sharing initiative by IFFCO. One can expect the latest news, activities and updates from all the parts of India , around the world & primarily about the most important industry, Agriculture.

1. - It is a comprehensive source for Indian agriculture statistics which is regularly updated. It provides authentic statistical information on sectors like agricultural education, agricultural export, agriculture census, agriculture prices, agricultural insurance, animal husbandry, agricultural marketing, horticulture production, agricultural wages and all other relevant agricultural statistics of India. It also provides the agriculture related news.

The statistics available on this web site is widely used by Indian agriculture research institutes, Indian agriculture sector, agricultural economists and Indian agriculture universities for Indian agricultural information, agriculture research and agricultural production data. 

2. - The site is all about the Indian society of agribusiness professional (ISAP) which works for helping the farmers' community and address the rural- urban income divide. It is a network of agriculture and allied sector professionals in India and developing countries.

3. - This site provides, information regarding tea and coffee- statistics (on production and sale), catalogues (of area- wise sale of different varieties of tea and coffee in India), market reports and TASI.

4. - This is the site by Food Corporation of India. It works for effective price support, food security, price stabilization and distribute food grains through public distribution system for the benefit of both farmers and consumers.

5. - Fredisurti is a flower company specializing in flower seeds. This site offers garden consultancy and distributor for all kinds of seeds.

6. - Information on cotton, rice, wheat, oilseeds, pulses, spices, coffee, and tea. This site requires registration, login and payment.

7. - Indian society of agribusiness professionals (ISAP) is a non- government, non-profit organisation. It is a network of agriculture and allied sector professionals in India and developing countries.  Its vision is to instill economic security and stability among farming community particularly small and marginal farmers through holistic development of agriculture and rural sector.

8. This website on agriculture will lay stress on the agricultural sector, employment, opportunities, industrial sector and infrastructure. The site also displays the plant protection information network, rashtriya krishi vikas yojana, and national food security mission.

9. agricultural and processed food products export development authority (APEDA) is mandated with the responsibility of export promotion and development of the scheduled products like: floriculture, fruits and vegetables, processed foods, organic foods, animal products and cereals. In addition to this, APEDA is also responsible to monitor export of some non -scheduled items such as basmati rice, wheat, and coarse grains and also import of sugar.

10. The website Department of fertilizers, Govt. of India, gives information on different aspects of fertilizer.

11. - Ministry of food processing industries, is the main central agency of the Government responsible for developing a strong and vibrant food processing sector; with a view to create increased job opportunities in rural areas, enable the farmers to reap benefit from modern technology, create surplus for exports and stimulating demand for processed food.

12. National fertilizer ltd. is the second largest producer of nitrogenous fertilizers in the country. They produce urea and fertilizers which are beneficial for all types of crops.

13. - This website gives in detail about fertilizer statistics in India, fertilizer prices and fertilizer marketing in India.

14. This agricultural site shows new schemes related to farmers, facilities given to them, latest techniques, new agri  policies, quality control, useful machines, insects/diseases of crop and many useful information's related to agriculture.

15. This websites has a collection of various sites related to agriculture and have links to Govt. institution, agricultural universities, state links, and international organizations.

16.  aims to disseminate useful information about improved technology to the farming community and service providers in the rural areas. It aims to create a platform for different levels in the rural agricultural landscape - farmers, cooperatives and professional bodies, farm machinery vendors, fertilizer and chemical companies, insurance regulators and agronomists, consultants, and farm advisors. - this website is a complete agri - info system for Kerala. Information on farming practices, fertilizers & pesticides, planting material are available.



DESCRIPTION: It is social networking site developed by the IBM Research and the IBM Cognos software group, detailed with data sets and creative visualization to earmark the categorical expenditure schedule (monthly) of the rural individual. 

UPLOADED BY:   The IBM Research and IBM Cognos software group. The article posted by Rahul Goswami needs a special mention. 


DESCRIPTION: This is basically a site consisting of all the workings and policy takes, report documents from the Ministry Of Rural Development, GOI. So, if a view on the Government’s performance on the overall development aspect in the rural sector is needed, one may consider this site to be of use. This site also releases news related to Centre-State collaboration/ activity related to Rural Development.

 UPLOADED BY: Ministry Of Rural Development, GOI.


DESCRIPTION : This is a site consisting of a daily trickle of news, press releases from the Press Information Bureau(PIB),GOI, not that all posted information are of interest but definitely a faster link to the policy decisions from Ministry Of Agriculture can be useful to disseminate to the Agricultural/Extension Scientists. 



A few decades ago, practitioners began to use the concept of innovation systems to explain noteworthy economic performance driven by a strong orientation to innovation in some developed countries.  An innovation system can be defined as “a network of organizations, enterprises, and individuals focused on bringing new products, new processes, and new forms of organization into economic use, together with the institutions and policies that affect their behavior and performance” (World Bank 2006). This thinking recognizes that interactions of people and ideas catalyze innovation and that innovation consists of generating, accessing, and putting knowledge into use (Hall 2006). It also recognizes the importance of institutions and policy in fostering innovation.”

So, the ICT comes into play to gather a productive range of audience, the Stakeholders in Agriculture, to collate infuse technology, knowledge and organisational structure into the scene. A site that gives a comprehensive idea about the potential of ICT and what may form a vision for the Agricultural sector.


DESCRIPTION: All matter related to the Ministry OF Commerce, GOI, is covered, with detailed policy documents attached to the Department, Contractual agreements with the International Organizations ( eg. WTO),and Press Releases covering latest designs from the Department- all trade( international and Inter-state) regulations , and service-management, SEZ –related matter finds space.

UPLOADED BY: Ministry Of Commerce and Industries, Department Of Commerce, GOI. 


DESCRIPTION: The site consists of a regular trickle of information and Expert comments from the International group of Scientists writing in the Science Magazine, regarding a road map for ensuring food security in the face of Climatic Change.While recent climate negotiations in Durban made incremental progress toward helping farmers adapt to climate change and reduce agriculture's climate footprint, a group of international agriculture experts, writing in the January 20 issue of Science magazine, urges scientists to lay the groundwork for more decisive action on global food security in environmental negotiations in 2012.”




CCAFS is initially focusing on  three  regions – East Africa (EA), West Africa (WA) and the IndoGangetic Plains (IGP)- to carry out its research. The 36 benchmark sites in these regions represent areas that are becoming both drier and wetter, and are focal locations that will generate results that can be applied and adapted to other regions worldwide.

These three regions were also chosen because together they match the following criteria:

  • Poverty and high degree of vulnerability to climate.
  • Complementary set of social, cultural and institutional contexts.
  • Complementary climatic contexts, with different temporal and spatial scales of climate variability and degrees of predictability.
  • Significant but contrasting climate‐related problems and opportunities for intervention.
  • Security, governance, institutional capacity that favour likelihood of generating transferable results.

While drought is clearly a major threat for many parts of Africa and South Asia,in areas of increasing rainfall, there is a need to maximise the opportunities that climate change will bring. The three initial CCAFS focus regions offer the full range of anticipated conditions that will allow CCAFS to consider this holistic view.


UPLOADED BY:  This is an initiative from CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) that will address the increasing challenge of global warming and declining food security on agricultural practices, policies and measures through a strategic collaboration between the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) and the Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP).

Led by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), CCAFS is collaborating with all 15 CGIAR research centers as well as with the other thematic research programs of the CGIAR.


  Price manuals (all the CPI and WPI, data related t all sectoral divisions collected from the desk of CSO, statistical details of market prices) are clearly given.

 26.  FarmNest Agriculture Forum

  Free open agriculture community, portal and ads with thousands of members across India.

27. agriExchange - is a trade portal where farmers, suppliers and vendors of various agricultural products and services connect with potential buyers. 


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