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Linseed Crop Diseases and their Control

Linseed Crop Diseases and their Control

Diseases: Rust, wilt and powdery mildew are the most common  diseases affecting the crop.

1. Rust: It is caused by a fungus, Melompsora lini attacking the aerial part of the crop viz. stem, leaf and capsules. Pink colour spots on stem, leaf called as uredo stage, turns to reddish- brown to black ill late stage. The disease could be checked by growing resistant varieties or spray of Dithane Z- 78, @ 2 kg ill 1000 litres of water/hectare.

2. Wilt: The disease is caused by Fusarium oxysporum spp. Lini. The disease may appear at any time of growth stage, vascular disease, as system is plugged and wilting starts resulting drooping of leaves etc. The recommendation is to grow resistant varieties and follow a good crop rotation.

3. Powdery mildew: The disease is caused by fungus, Oelium lini. A greyish white powdery growth on young, leaves (tips). The disease can be controlled by spray of sulfex @ 3 kg/hectare in 1000 litres water.

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