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Please note that this site in no longer active. You can browse through the contents.

Library Help


How to add Content ?

  • Click on Add Content.
  • Write title in Title field (This field is mandatory).
  • Select any crop from Crop Taxonomy (it will open another level of selected taxonomy and so on).
  • Click on Add Tags. The selected tag is displayed in Drop Box .
  • Click on Select Files to add files doc,pdf,....etc.
  • Use Document editor to write your content.
  • Click on Save button to save your content .

       After verification from the agropedia administrator, your content will appear in the agropedia site.


How to Browse Content ? (Not compatible with Internet Explorer)

  • Click on Browse Content.
  • On top you can see the name of different crops, click on any crop.
  • Right side will display the knowledge map, click a topic to search.
  • Left side will display the related content of your selected Topic.
  • Here you can get two types of search (a) 'Search for tag' (Semantic search) and (b) 'Search for substring' (Syntactic search). By default it will show you the contents searched by tag. 
  • There are Zoom In & Zoom Out options for knowledge maps.
  • Navigate the knowledge map through arrows shown in the left corner of the map.


How to Search Content ?

  • Click on Search Content.
  • Select the crop from the drop box of 'Enter your keywords'.
  • Enter your keywords in second box.
  • Here you get two types of search option (a) 'Search for Tag' and (b) 'Search for Substring'.     
  • Search result will be displayed.