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Kitchen Garden

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I have been in the forum for sometime now and I am not a farmer by profession. I have a small patch of land at my home, where I practice kitchen gardening. I request you to strat a forum topic for kitchen gardening and can guide people like me on the best practices for gardening. The forum can have topics on methods for cultivating vegetable crops like tomatoes, capsicum, spinach, greens, okra, brinjal and those that can be grown in kitchen garden. I have been searching in the Internet about this, but all those that I get are only from western countries. Those practices are not suitable for us (I feel that way.. am I correct?).

I am sure that there are so many people like me who want these info.

An experienced practitioner can help all of us.



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Kitchen Gardening


For a good health it is important to eat fresh and green vegetable which must be free from insect pests as well as pesticides residue. We can be sure about these if we grow the vegetables in our kicthen garden by sowing good seed, providing organic manure and kitchen waste and water - that all. No need to provide chemical fertilizer, insecticide, fungicides, viricides, bactericides, or weed killer.

Choose healthy seeds of a good variety and treat them with Tricoderma/vitavex etc. You can improve your soil condition by tilling the soil with sped and shovel after few days of light irrigation. First tillage is done at sowing time, second after 25 - 35 days aiming to bound the stem, eradicate the weeds and improve the soil physical conditions. Third or more tillage may be required as per type of vegetable grown. Soil application of bio-fertilzers such as tricoderma, farm yard manure, neem cake, oil cakes and kitchen waste all are good for kitchen gardening . All these are from the natural source and moreover it has the food in the right balanced quantities. Insect pests and diseases are well managed by applying slurry of cow dung, urine, wood ash, extracts of neem seed, garlic, chillies etc which are economic as well as safer. Remember that all insects are not pest some are beneficial, identify them and don't panic.

The detailed package of practices for aforesaid vegetables will be available to you within a short period.


Any Updates?

Dear Mr. Rakesh,

Any updates on this.. I am eagerly awaiting your post and kitchen garden practices.



Tomato Cultivation

Dear Jayakumarsridharan

I have posted one entry in this aspect in librery posts entitled 'tomato cultivation. Plz fallow this link

One messege also have been send to you.


Kitchen Gardening

Great to hear. Please help us with practices that are applicable to Indian environment. Also, as you have mentioned, we shall lay emphasis on natural methods and refrain ourselves from chemical fertilizers

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