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Kharif Redgram (Tur) to fetch around Rs. 9000 – 10,500 per quintal during harvest months

Kharif Red Gram (Tur) to fetch around Rs. 9000 – 10,500 per quintal during harvest months 

Red gram (Tur) is grown throughout the tropical and subtropical countries. The major countries producing red gram are India, Myanmar, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Nepal, Dominican Republic, Congo, Bangladesh, Haiti, Panama etc. The major exporters of red gram are Myanmar, Dominican Republic and Malawi. However, India, Trinidad, Venezuela, Nepal and Mauritius are the major importers.

A little over four million tonne is produced across the globe and India produces more than 4/5th of this. According to one of the latest data released by the ministry of agriculture, the land under cultivation of red gram in India is around 37.35 lakh hectare, with an increase of 4% of land under cultivation, as compared to last year whereas production of redgram has taken a downward dip. It was 3.17 million tonne in 2013-2014 and likely to be around 2.71 million tonne this financial year. A gap of 14% in terms of production! The monthly consumption of red gram in our country is 2.5 lakh tonne. As can be seen there is an obvious shortfall. In terms of production Maharashtra is in the lead followed by Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.

The red gram yield is only about 50 per cent in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. The major trading centers of red gram in Karnataka are Kalaburagi, Sedam, Yadgiri, Bidar, Bijapura, Bellary and Bagalkote. Karnataka’s Kalaburagi district, considered as the red gram hub of India, has been impacted by deficit rainfall and fall in production is estimated to be more than 50 per cent. Out of 7.41 lakh hectare sown this year, around 6 lakh hectare is impacted by moisture stress conditions in the state.

Karnataka government has now set up price monitoring cells for red gram. The department had confiscated 13,000 metric tonne of red gram that was allegedly hoarded illegally. Of which around 76,000 quintals of red gram was confiscated from Kalaburagi district alone. According to recent news, it is reported that Karnataka has imported 10,000 mt of red gram from Africa.

In order to assist the farmers regarding suitable marketing decision, the NIAP funded Network project on Market Intelligence, functioning in the Department of Agricultural Marketing, Co-operation and Business Management, UAS Bangalore. Modal prices of red gram that prevailed in Kalaburagi market during the last ten years were collected and econometric analysis was carried out to predict the prices of red gram for the harvesting months. Also an opinion survey of red gram farmers and traders was conducted. Based on the analysis, market survey and government policies with regard to the marketing and international trade in tur, it is forecasted that red gram would fetch a modal price of around Rs. 9000-10,500 per quintal during this Kharif 2015 harvest months of December 2015 - Februaruy 2016. This forecast prevails for current market sentiments & monsoon and could vary with changes in the domestic and world market situation. Farmers are advised to take suitable marketing decisions.



Dr. M. S. Jayaram, Dr. C. P. Gracy, Dr. M. R. Girish

R. Thejeswini and Mangala V Reddy,

Department of Agricultural Marketing, Co-operation and Business Management

    UAS, GKVK, Bangalore-65


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