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Kerosene and Diesel to kill larva of mosquitos

It is a part of an article published in a popular Malayalam Daily on its 'kaarshikarangam' column to control Mosquitos by destroying larva in the water pits between Rubber Plantations. The 9th point Dr. Jacob Mathew and Dr. V.T. Jose say to pour kerosene or diesel to the water in the pits  to destroy mosquitos. I published an article in Malayalam "beware of these type of Scientists" which warns that kerosene or diesel will spoil the soil and water. In that post I published about what can we do as a farmer by applying slery on the highest portions of land between terrace of each trees with an image of earthworm on it and by removing fertile soil from the pit to maintain the terrace level at a required slop. The soil contains some bacteria to purify the water on its path to underground water storages. "There was a time in the past where it was standing instruction to  use kerosene and diesel to kill mosquito larve, but this is not good for the environment and these products can find its way back to our body (eg. water) and cause bigger trouble. This practice has been discontinued in most parts of the world" commented by Dr. Muralee Thummarukudy (One of the chief Official of UN) on a Google Group and Dr. K.V. Jayakumar ( Ph.D (IIT Kanpur) Executive Director Centre for Water Resources Development and Management Kunnamangalam) commented that "If water can be kept moving at a velocity of at least 10 cm/s, mosquitoes cannot breed. This is a critical velocity to prevent mosquito breeding". Shibu K Nair from Thanal (An NGO at Trivandrum) says "It shows commonsense is a sense which is not common. Just sprinkling common salt will help to kill some of the mosquitoes which breed in fresh water. The scientists want to use JCB where a needle will do."

Iam facing the attack of male mosquitos which drinks green leaves juices within my estate. What can I do? Is it a solution to spray Kerosene or disel on leaves too.

I suggest everybody to allow fishes in tanks to eat larve to control mosquitos where ever you can provide. It is an environmental solution with less expenses.




Earthorms on Bio gas Slery

Scientists of Indian Rubber Board alarms to reduce mosquitos








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Sprinkling common salt

Definitely, there are several ways to manage the pest problem but before using any one of them we must see what will be the impact on our environment and upto what level it provides the control. Chemical pesticides definitely provide the spectacular control of the pest but it also kill the natural enemies who regulate the pest population, pollute the soil and environment, affect the biodiversity and disturb the whole ecosystem greatly. But still we are not able to emerge out from the battle between pest and us. Beside it numerous insect have become our enemies with great extant of severity by using pesticides.

As I know sprinkling of common salt will also destroy the physical and chemical property of the soil which are the important for a good fertile soil. Common salt is chemically sodium chloride. In soil high level of sodium will replace the calcium from clay particle as well as from soil solution, consequently, soil become usar/sodic/alkaline.

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