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Kernel-Shoot system in wheat

Kernel of wheatWheat has caryopsis type of fruit. The typical wheat kernel is from 3-10 mm length and from 3-5 mm in diameter.  The composition of a wheat kernel is:

  • 1. The germ (the embryo, consisting of plumule, scutellum, radical and hypocotill) comprises about 2.5 per cent. It is high in proteins and fats.
  • 2. The brawn (pericarp, testa, nucleus and aleurone layer) comprises as much as 14 per cent. It is bi-product of milling and is used in dairy and poultry feeds. Small amounts are used in break fast cereal.
  • 3. The starchy endosperm (the storage part of the caryopsis that develops from the union polar nuclei with the endosperm nuclear comprises from 83 to 87 per cent.
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