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Karnal bunt- Fungal disease of wheat

Karnal Bunt

Causal Organism: Neovossia indica (Tilletia indica)
chief symptoms: In an ear only few grains are infected.A portion of the grain is converted into black powdery mass. The black powder which gives foul smell due to presence of Trimethyl amine is a mass of thick walled dark brown spores of the fungus known as teliospores.

Control measures :Sowing crops at night time.

  • Seed treatment with Vitavax@2.5gm/kg seed
  • Avoid excess irrigation at flowering time
  • In crop meant for seed ,spray the crop with Indofil M-45@2.5kg/ha or Tilt @500 ml /ha in 1000 litres of water at ear emergence stage.

Karnal bunt- Fungal disease of wheat



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