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Irrigation/Rain water management in Sweet Sorghum

Irrigation / Rainwater Management in Sweet Sorghum

Kharif: Normally the crop raised under rainfed condition in areas receiving rainfall of 550-800 mm does not require additional irrigation water if the distribution of rains both in time and space is adequate during the crop growth period. In case of late onset of monsoon, plant the crop and irrigate immediately. Also, irrigate the crop if the dry spell continues for more than two weeks especially at critical crop growth stages such as panicle initiation (35-40 DAS) and boot stages (55-65 DAS). Maintain soil moisture profile at or near field capacity. Always drain-out the excess irrigation water or rainfall from the fields to avoid water logging. By and large, 2-3 irrigations may be required for kharif crop depending on the planting time, soil type and rainfall distribution at a particular location.

Rabi and summer: Arrange first irrigation immediately after sowing, if no rainfall occurs. Subsequently, irrigate the crop at 15 DAS, 30 DAS, 55 DAS, and 75-80 DAS for realizing good stalk yields. Thus, a total of 4-5 irrigations are required for rabi and summer crops. Apply irrigation water of about 50 mm each time. During the initial stages of crop up to 30 DAS; sprinkler irrigation is preferable than flood to save the precious water as the crop water demand is less compared to later stages.

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