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Irrigation management of Groundnut

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What are the precautions to be taken in irrigation water management of Groundnut?

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Irrigation to groundnut

1. Don't irrigate till 30 days after sowing, otherwise there will more of vegetative growth and less number of pods.

2. Light irrigation at each time with more irrigation frequencies is advisible than heavy irrigation at each time.

3. Sowing on Broad bed furrows is better for irrigation and also for draining the excess water.

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thank you for your valuable information.. here i want to share about the cost of cultivation of ground nut

Cultivation cost for groundnut
Since groundnut cultivation involves,
deep ploughing and bed formation, the
cost of land preparation is high for
groundnut. The amount spent on
nutrient management is significantly
higher as in the case of paddy. Since
farmers tend to pay harvest wages in
kind, the cost is lesser than that of
From the above, it can be noticed that
the cost involved in cultivation do not
produce a proportional yield. The average
yield per acre of paddy in project
site is 1880 kgs, which is much lower
than the national average of 2900 kgs
and very few farmers in our project
area manage to achieve this.
Lack of awareness with respect to several
factors seemed to be the cause of
this situation. Some of the factors are:

ground nut

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