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Under scanty moisture conditions in drylands, yield can be boosted by 40 to 60% by providing just one life saving irrigation at critical phases of crop growth (early stem elongation to flowering) of before soil moisture becomes limiting for crop growth.

Crop is very sensitive to excess soil moisture. In poorly drained soils, improper surface irrigation may lead to prolonged waterlogging conditions and the associated problems of wilts and root rots.

Give a light pre-sowing irrigation if the soil moisture in the seed zone is not adequate for germination. Late, depending on the soil moisture status, give one irrigation at 35 days after planting in early elongation stage and another at 65 to 70 days during flowering. After this, no irrigations are generally required unless soils are too light with low water holding capacity. In light soils about 5-6 irrigations are needed including a pre-planting irrigation.


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