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IPM using bio control Agents has limitation?

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In Rice crop upto 45 days natural enimies will have dominance if no pesticides are applied. Ie. During these period yield attributes will be fixed (Panicle will be in embedded stage inside the plant). So bio control using egg cards (Trichogramma egg card placing) will be useful from 45th day onwards till 60 days when flowring is initiated. After 60 days depending on duration of variety we can use Metarizum, Buevaria etc to control Bugs and caterpillars.

So is it economic to use bio control or even pesticides before 45 days?

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IPM in rice

The selection of pest management tool is depending on the pest infesting the crop and density. If the pest density is very high than it is compulsory to have a pesticide application.

As the question is concerned with the use of trichocards, so use of trichocards against lepidopteran pests have been prooved effictive under trials but its efficacy is depending on so many factors. One of the main factor is the availability of the succeptible stage of the host (Egg). if this condition is not matched with the trichocard application, it will be a waste excersice. 

Therefore the integration of biocontrol and chemicals will be good economic option rather than relying on any one of them.   

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