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IPM Module of Okra (Bhindi) for Central Plain Zone

IPM Module of Okra (Bhindi) for Central Plain Zone

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is an eco-friendly approach for managing pest and disease problems utilizing all possidle available methods and techniques of pest control such as Cultural, Mechanical, Biological and Chemical methods in a compatible and scientific manner. Its objective is to suppress pest population below economic injury level.

  • Deep summer ploughing.
  • Seed treatment with Trichoderma @ 4 g/kg seed.
  • Variety used-Parbhani Kranti.
  • Spray with Monocrotophos @ one liter/ha at ETL of White fly.
  • Rouging ofmosaic infected plants.
  • Use of Trichocard thrice at the time of flowering @ 5 card/ha at weekly interval.
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Banned pesticide

Dear sir,

The insecticide you recommend for management of whitefly at or above its ET level (monocrotophos) is banned for use on vegetable crops as per my information. Kindly corrrect accordingly.

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