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IPM Module of guava for Central Plain Zone

IPM Module of Sunflower for Central Plain Zone


IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is an eco-friendly approach for managing pest and disease problems utilizing all possidle available methods and techniques of pest control such as Cultural, Mechanical, Biological and Chemical methods in a compatible and scientific manner. Its objective is to suppress pest population below economic injury level.

Economic Injury Level (EIL) it is the lowest pest population density that will cause economic damage.

  • Field sanitation and proper drainage.
  • Mixing of Trichoderma in the soil of orchard around the trees @ 15 g/Thala.
  • Pruning of dieback affected branches of guava followed by spraying of copper oxychloride.
  • Injecting petroleum in the holes made by BEC  and then plugging the holes with wet clay.
  • Inserting delicate wire inside the holes made by BEC to kill them.
  • For fruit fly, spray the mixture of Malathion 20 EC 20 ml plus GUR 200 gms in 20 litres of water on the fruits.
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