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Interested in Agriculture

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I am working in an educational company as a manager, but am interested in agriculture. I want to associate myself with the field in some way. I do not have any formal education on agriculture and want to understand how imporant it is for practice.

Please let me know where and how should I start?


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I personally think that

I personally think that formal education is not enough for our modern day’s agriculture, there are many new technologies have come in this market. Personally I am very much interested in Greenhouses.


Agriculture project

Hi JayaKumar,

I was working for a Agri Biotech company for last 5 years in Bangalore, and now I have stared my own activities in which we are inviting people interested in actual agriculture with market oriented production using new techniques. We are not looking at rice, wheat or cereals but focussed on value added products like fruits (Banana, Pomegranates etc.) also tying up with large national and international buyer to purchase the product. We intend to produce the fruits and export it at our own.

I hope it may be of your interest. If it is, please contact me on



Re: Interested in Agriculture

I am looking after my son's farm in Tanjore, which he bought 18 months back. My son is a techie working in Bangalore and he was and is as enthusiastic as you are in Agriculture. Both of us are new to farming but we decided to buy a few acres of land to begin with and do farming the organic way. In the first year we were guided by one Mr.Sither, an ardent organic activist like Mr.Nammazhvar, who owns 30 acres of agri land in Tanjore and has been practicing organic farming methods for over two decades. He cultivates native varieties of paddy without using chemical  fertilizers or poisonous pesticides. He is not only reaping good yields crop after crop but has been guiding people who are interested to take up sustainable agricultural practices.

I would suggest you read the book titled 'One Straw Revolution' authored by the famous Japanese Farmer Fukuouka.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to post in the forum or email me.

Thank You


Thanks for your response. I have started reading the book that you had mentioned. I have also got in touch with Mr. Subash Palekar, another pioneer in this field. He is from Maharashtra and is advocating Natural Farming. I have purchased his books and am reading those too. But I sincerely feel that just reading the books would not give me the practical knowledge. I am eager to 'make my hands dirty' - in the literal sense. I want to practically learn the methods used in farming.

I am planning to purchase a land.. but do not have any one to look after them..

Will keep in touch with you and thanks for giving me the privilege.

Agriculture is very vast subject and has many disciplines

Agriculture is very vast subject and has many disciplines. Please let us know your interest are u interested in farming, want a job in agriculture field, start your business in agriculture or want to do some special type of course in agriculture. Will help to guide you further.


A Start up

Thanks Sugatha for your response. I believe that Agriculture is a vast subject. I am one of those many people who had worked for corportes for some years. I want to make agriculture as my profession, but am not sure if I should completely forego my present employment. I do not have a land of my own, but it would be possible for me to join hands with others who share similar interests. I have come to know someone from Chennai, who thinks like me. Would it be a good idea to start agriculture this way? I have mentioned that I have no formal education in agriculture. Is this a must. If yes, what should I pursue? Please suggest.

Farming is backbone of Indian economy

Dear Jay, Its great that you are interested to pursue agriculture as a profession. It is The Agriculture Economy in India due to which we have over come the recession scenario. To start with you need to learn certain basic things about the crops i.e. What types of plants are there ? How the crop is cultivated ? WHat are the climate requirements of a particular crop ? The agronomic practices, The Crop Protection from pests like insects, Fungi & weeds, How to use Agrochemicals or Pesticides ? etc. etc. You may please visit for such practical knowledge. Crop Information is still at its childhood stage, however the information on agriculture provided at will be of practical use and not for techies only. Please give your feedback on the same so that can be improved as per the requirements of the needfull. Once again accept my heartiest congratulations for your interest in the field of AGRICULTURE.

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