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Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP)

Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP)


The Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP) is a major instrument of poverty alleviation in the rural areas and is implemented in all the Blocks of the country since 2nd October, 1980. It is a centrally sponsored scheme in which funding is shared between the Centre and the States on 50:50 basis.


The objective of IRDP is to enable selected families in rural areas to cross the poverty line. At present, a family with an annual income of Rs.11, 000 or less is considered to be below the poverty line. The object of the programme is achieved by providing productive assets and inputs through financial assistance in the form of subsidy by the Government and term credit advanced by the financial institutions.

The subsidy pattern under IRDP is as follows:

(i) Small farmers                                                                      25%

(ii) Marginal farmers/Agricultural Labourers/Non-Agricultural labourers/Rural Artisans                                                                                  33%

  • Subject to a ceiling of Rs.4000 per family in non-DPAP/DDP areas and Rs.5000 in DPAP/DDP areas.
  • Of these, SC/ST families and physically handicapped persons will get 50% subsidy subject to a ceiling of Rs.6000 per family in all rural areas.
  • Educated unemployed rural youth (studied upto 8th Standard (Pass or fail) will also get 50% subsidy subject to a ceiling of Rs.7500.
  • It is also required that at least 40 per cent of those assisted should be women under this programme. About 535 lakh families have been covered up to November 1998 since 1980-81 under the programme out of which coverage of SC/ST families had been 45 per cent. The level of per family investment is currently more than Rs.17441 compared to Rs.1642 during 1980- 81. A sum of Rs.800 crore (including Rs. 60 crore for Rural Artisans) has been provided in 1998-99 (BE), an increase of about 45 per cent over 1997-98 (RE).

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