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Integrated pest management : Sugarcane ratoon crop

Integrated pest management schedule for sugarcane ratoon crop

Crop stage

Pest covered

Control measures

At ratooning stage

Scale, mealy bugs, pyrilla, black bugs and army worms

Stubble shaving, burning of left over trashes.

March to June


Application of Endosulphan, @1.0 kg a.i. /ha through irrigation water.

Shoot borer, root borer and top borer

Collection and destruction of egg masses and infested shoots.

Scale and mealy bugs

Drenching the crop with 0.1% Malathion or 0.06% dimethoate after detrashing lower dry leaves at 4-5 internode state


  1. Conservation of Epiricania melanoleuca cocoons in the area
  2. Dusting with BHC 10% in case the pest has migrated to other crop

Black bug

Drenching with Endosulphan /chloropyriphos /quinalphos@ 0.2 kg a.i./ha.

White fly

Fields prone to frequent water logging by sprayed with monocroptophos 0.3 kg. a.i./ha or Endosulphan 0.4 kg a.i./ha


Top borer

Soil application of carbofuran @1.0 kg a.i./ha or phorate @ 3.0 kg a.i./ha


White grub

1. Hand collection of adult beetles and grubs.

2. Soil application of HCH 10% dust @50 kg/ha twice at monthly intervals.


Gurdaspur borer

Collection and destruction of infested shoots, particularly of primary attack having gregarious stage of the larvae.

September- October

Stalk borer

  1. Detrashing of incessant leaves.
  2. Removal of late shoots at fortnightly intervals until harvest.

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