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Integrated pest management : sugarcane

Table: Integrated management schedule for sugarcane pests

Crop stage / period

Target insect pest

Control measures

Selection of seed crop

Borers, mealy bug and scale insect

Seed material should preferably be taken from a healthy crop. No seed should be taken from a crop having pest incidence above 20 per cent

Selection of seed pieces

Borers, mealy bug and scale insect

Borer infested seed setts should not be used for planting

Pre-planting (seed treatment )

Borers, mealy bug and scale insect

Heat therapy followed by dipping setts in Aretan/Agallol (0.1% solution.)

Scale insect and mealy bug

Rubbing of setts with gunny bag pieces dipped in Malathion (0.1% solution.)

Scale insect and mealy bug

Dipping setts in Malathion (0.1%) or Dimethoate (0.06% solution.) for 15 min.

White grubs

Two to three extra ploughing to expose white grubs for predation in endemic areas.

At planting

Termites and shoot borers

Application of Endosulphan @ 1 kg a.i./ha over the cane setts in 1600 to 1800 litres of water

Pre-monsoon (March-June)

Shoot, root and top borers

Removal of egg-masses and infested shoots from the ground level. Copious irrigation and trash mulching. Avoid irrigation at the peak period of top borer moth emergence during summer.

Shoot borer

Release of Sturmiopsis inferens @ 125 gravid females/ha. Spray granulosis virus of shoot borer at 107 inclusion bodies/ha in 500 litres of water/ ha (tropical India).

Top borer

(i.) Soil application of carbofuran 3 G@1.0 kg a.i. /ha or phorate 10G@ 3 kg a.i./ha against third brood (June last week or July first week) of the pest.

(ii.) Release of Isotima javensis Rohw against third and fourth broods of top borer.

Black bug

Whorl application of Endosulphan emulsion @ 1.0 kg a.i./ha or Endosulphan 5 G@12 kg/ha


1. Removal and destruction of two lower most leaves bearing egg-masses during April/ May

2. Release of 4000-5000 cocoons and 4 to 5 lakhs eggs of Epiricania melanoleuca per hectare during July-August. Crop having no Epiricania population be sprayed with Endosulphan or monocroptophos @ 1.0 kg ai per hectare.

Scales and aphids

Spraying of the crop with 0.08 percent dimethoate or 1.0 percent Malathion after detrashing

White grubs

1. Collection of adult beetles through light trap

2. Picking of grubs manually from field.

3. Collection and destruction of adult beetles from host trees immediately after first heavy summer rains


Spraying the crop with demecron (0.1%)/ monocroptophos/ dimethoate (0.04%)


Spraying the crop with Kelthane (0.1%)/ chlorfenvin/ monocroptophos (0.4%)

Monsoon and Post-monsoon (July-January)

Internode borer

Field release of Trichogramma chilonis adults@ 50,000/ha or 3.5 cc. parasitized Corcoran eggs/ha at fortnightly intervals regularly from the start of borer activity until a month before harvest

Stalk borer, internode borer, pyrilla, scale insect, mealy bug, white flies

Detrashing the crop from August through October at monthly intervals


Dusting with Malathion spray @ 0.1 per cent or Endosulfan@1.5 litres per hectare.

Scale insect

Malathion spray @ 0.1%.

White flies

1. Avoid rationing in low lying areas.

Spraying with monocroptophos solution @0.3 kg a.i./ha or Endosulphan @ 1.5 lit/ha.

Stalk borer

Two sprayings of monocroptophos @ 0.75 kg a.i./ha at monthly intervals during September and October after detrashing dry leaves.

Gurdaspur borer

Regular collection and destruction of infested tops from July till October.

At harvest

Application to most of the pests

  1. Harvesting the crop form the ground level.
  2. Removal of late and water shoots.
  3. Burning trash and left over dry canes. immediately after harvesting

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