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.American boll worm is neither a major nor a minor pest of american cotton since 2002 in Jind distt. of Haryana,India. Fortunately or unfortunately, all the notified & recomended varieties of american cotton had been replaced by BT hybrids. Now a new insect called mealybug (Phenococcus solenopsis) having its origin in USA is becoming a potential threat to cotton cultivation. In such a critical situation, 14 types of coccinellid lady beetles along with 6 types of predatory bugs, 2 types of chrysoperla spp., so many types of preying mantids, predatory flies and wasps, 3 types of parasitoids,parasites and 3 types of pathogens are active and helping the cotton growing farmers of distt Jind(Hryana) in particular and society as a whole. Adult ladybeetle ( Coccinella septumpunctata) predating on mealybug.
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