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Insect pests in Wheat field

Insect pests in Wheat field

Wheat is attacked by a number of insect pests and rodents both in the field as well as in the storage. Some of the common ones are discussed here.

1. Termites: Termites damage the crop soon after sowing and sometimes near maturity. The damaged plants dry up completely and are easily pulled out. For controlling termites, Aldrin 5% dust or BHC 10% dust @ 25 kg/ha is mixed with soil during last ploughing before sowing. This treatment will also prevent the attack of Gujhia weevil on wheat crop.

2. Army worms: Caterpillars of this insect feed on plants during the night and hide during the day time. They are controlled by dusting 10% BHC dust @ 25 kg/ha. A spray of Carbaryl (Sevin 50 w.p.) @ 2.5 kg/ha dissolved in 600-800 litres of water.

3. Brown wheat mite, aphids and jassids: These leaf sucking insects also damage the wheat crop. To control these pests apply 0.5 litre Folithian or Thiodan dissolved in 800 litres of water.

4. Field rats: Field rats cause heavy damage to the wheat crop. For control, all the burrows in the field should be closed in the evening and the reopened burrows be fumigated in the morning with aluminium phosphide @ 1 tablet of 0.5 gjsmall burrow and 3.0 gjlarge burrow. Baiting with Cumarin (ratafin) @ 1 kg of prepared bait, is also useful.

The bait is prepared as follows:

a. Cumarin-l part

b. Wheat flour-19 parts

c. Molasses-l part

d. Mustard oil-l part.

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