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Insect Management in Pototo (Aphids)

Aphids (Myzus persicae, Aphis gossypi, Aphis fabae ):

There are several kinds of aphids that feed on potato plants. Aphids transmit a virus disease and cause severe damage to the plant by sucking the juice from leaves and young stems. The plants may be stunted, with the leaves tightly curled and rolled when the attack is severe.

Control: Aphids are controlled by adjusting the planting dated upto 15 October in north western plains, 25 October in Central plains and upto 5 November in North eastern plains. In the Plains, aphids are controlled by application of Phorate 10 G (1.5kg a.i./ha) followed by spraying with Dimethoate 30 EC (0.03%). The spraying should be repeated every week till the insect is completely controlled.

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