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Insect and Disease Resistance variety of cotton

Insect and Disease Resistance variety of cotton

Cotton crop is attacked by several diseases and insect pests resulting in considerable losses in yield. The genetic resistance is the cheapest and the best way of reducing such losses in yield. In India, work on insect and disease resistance breeding has been extensively reviewed by various workers.

In upland cotton

  • Variety MCU 5 VT resistant to Verticillum wilt was released from Coimbatore.
  • In G.arboreum and G.herbaceum, all the varieties released after 1967 are resistant to Fusarium wilt.
  • In G.hirsutum, some jassid resistant varieties (B 1007, SRT 1, Khandwa 2, DHY 286, PKV 081) and hybrids (PKV hy2 and NHH 44) have been released.
  • Varieties LK 861 and Kanchana are resistant to white fly.
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