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Indian Agri Trade Portal

Indian Agri Trade Portal

Indian Agri Trade Portal is an online initiative by APEDA, a platform for market intelligence for Indian exporters and entrepreneurs on global markets as well as bringing the Indian Exporters & the global buyers together to share buy/sell leads. It was conceived and instituted jointly by APEDA, UNCTAD and Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.

Trade Junction thrives to provide information matching the needs of the stakeholders of the Agricultural Economy in general and Agricultural Commodities trade in particular. 

Our main strength and core focus has been the statistical data on Export, Import, Production, Prices, Tariff and Regulations and we have constantly worked on them to improve their usability and utility from an exporters’ perspective.

Indian Agri Trade Portal has initiated a gambit of tools that are focused to provide upto date trade information like export & import statistics, international & Indian production statistics and tariff on international market level. These data sets are collected from various publications and online aggregators and collated to suite its audiences and stakeholders.

Having covered the gambit of information specific to our agriculture trade industry, it is obvious that we also should have more specific information on market intelligence. We have enriched the existing market intelligence reports along with product specific profiles, country profiles along with competitive analysis & opportunities.

To learn more about Indian Agri Trade Portal - visit us.

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