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Improved wheat varieties for Uttar Pradesh

Improved wheat varieties for Uttar Pradesh

India is one of the main wheat producing and consuming countries of the world. After the Green Revolution in the 1970's and 1980's the production of wheat has shown a huge increase. The major States that are involved in the cultivation of wheat are those located in the plains like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana. They account for nearly 70 per cent of the total wheat produced in the country. Wheat is a Rabi crop that is grown in the winter season. Sowing of wheat takes place in October to December and harvesting is done during the months of February and May. The wheat crop needs cool winters and hot summers, which is why the fertile plains of the Indo-Gangetic region are the most conducive for growing it.

Improved varieties for western Uttar Pradesh

  Irrigated timely sown: DBW 17, PBW 502, PBW 343, WH 542, UP 2382 and UP 2554; PDW 291

  (Durum),  PDW 251 (Durum), WH 896 (Durum), PDW 233 (Durum)

  Irrigated late sown: DBW 16, PBW 373, RAJ 3765, UP 2425, PBW 226, UP 2526, UP 2565

  Rainfed timely sown: PBW 396, PBW 299, WH 533

Improved varieties for eastern Uttar Pradesh

  Irrigated timely sown: K 0307, HD 2733, HD 2824, HP 1761, PBW 443, HUW 468, K 9107, NW 1012

  Irrigated late sown: DBW 14, NW 2036, HW 2045, NW 1014, HD 2643, HP 1744, Unnath Halna (K 9423)

  Rainfed timely sown: K 8962, K 8027, MACS 6145, HD 2888

Improved varieties for Jhansi Division

  Irrigated timely sown: GW 366, GW 322, GW 273; HI 8498 (Durum), HI 8381(Durum)

  Irrigated late sown: HD 2864, MP 4010, DL 788-2

  Rainfed timely sown: HI 1500, HW 2004, JWS 17; HD 4672 (Durum), HD 8627 (Durum).

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