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Importance of Pigeonpea

India alone accounted for about 81 percent of total world’s production in the year 2002 and 90 percent of total world’s consumption of Red gram. The total pulse production of the country was 11.08 million tonnes in 2000-01 including Red gram (2.25 million tonnes). Generally, this crop is not grown as commercial crop and major portion of the produce is consumed in the respective state itself. Every Red gram plant is a mini-fertilizer factory as the crop has unique characteristics of restoring and maintaining soil fertility through fixing atmospheric nitrogen in symbiotic association with Rhizobium bacteria present in the root nodules. Red gram crop is suitable for inter-cropping, with different crops (Cotton, Sorghum, Pearl millet, Green gram, Black gram, Maize, Soybean, Groundnut) for increasing production and maintaining soil fertility.

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