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ICT and Agriculture

ICT will have greater influence in Agriculture the near future.
We are experimenting some ICT tools for Agriculture through Village Knowledge Centers, From our experience, the following tools are very useful for farmers
Video Conference (Expert to Farmers, Farmers - Farmers). We used to have conference once in a wek with Block Level Agriculture Department officials
Community Video ( CDs are organised from various institutions regarding agriculture and We are also developing Multimedia CD in Local language with Farmers as Resource). The Cds are being deployed at the Village Knowledge Centers
Community Radio- One of our Farmers Federation runs the Community FM @ 90.4 in a block, where used to have 1 hour of Agriculture Programme. Since, in most of the programem farmers are the resources, they are showing remarkable response for the radio programme
Mobile Services- As a pilot, we are offering SMS for 100 farmers in local language - Weather, Crop and Market information daily.
Rural Digital Theatre- A Van with LCD display is taking the Agriculture Content to the rural mass
Like these there are different tools are being experimented to beign the ICT benefits for the farming sector
Similar services are also being offered for Animal Husbandry
We could also observe change in the attitude of the farmers, increase in yield and Revenue and also being documented.
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