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  1. I am from a family of farmers but circumstances changed my course of life from farming
  2. I am a farmer and do own land but have no resources to farm
  3. I am a farmer and I do farming but have not been satisfied
  4. I am not a farmer but would like to be a farmer
  5. I am a professional but would like to settle down as a farmer
  6. I am an Agriculture professional but never could own a farm
  7. I have always made good profits on the stock market but now I would want my profits from farming
  8. I have served satisfactorily in various industries but now would like to serve Mother Earth and Mother Nature
  9. I believe that farming can give better profits up to 100% compared to any field
  10. I believe that by farming we can improve debt situation of our nation
  11. I believe with science I can convert wastelands to fertile land in farming
  12. I believe by farming I can create more job opportunities
  13. I believe that farming is the only sector that can guide youth to become right professionals per talent within them as farming covers all aspects of the industry
  14. I am satisfied with this thought that I can retail the results of my efforts at the right price for all at marginal profits
  15. I can with my effort to be a farmer and with my contribution look after the marginalized
  16. I can by being a farmer impart valuable knowledge to one and all visiting the farm
  17. I receive this satisfaction that with my small affordable saving I have lent an opportunity to all who sought an opportunity to do something and to be someone
  18. I garner this knowledge that I continue in my present job until the project bears fruit with my small investment and that as it began I have to just spend my available time to build the project until I myself am ready to give full time to the project
  19. I have this satisfaction that all the 30000+ investors and the professionals who join and the non farmers to be farmers and the farmers who too join will have a residential quarters with our families close to the project
  20. I may be an Indian or a non resident Indian or an Individual from any part of the world desiring to be a farmer can join this venture provided I meet all the economic norms of the Indian Investment laws as framed for such projects
  21. I have this satisfaction that the trust fund cooperative will fund the down trodden from all over the world
  22. I have this satisfaction that this project this venture will link itself with UNESCO & RED CROSS & ITS LIKES
  23. I know I have to put aside my contribution to this project as an investor, professional, farmer in the next three years in order to begin this project in the fourth year
  24. I know I have to purchase an fixed deposit of INR 5.00 lacs or as per slabs for a term period of THREE YEARS to gain more by maximum investment
  25. I know I have to pay TO BE DECIDED fees to the creator / coordinator / developer of this project & that he will receive in from my purchase of fixed deposit from SBI BANK in his name for a term of three years as a small fee to coordinate this massive project
  26. I know I have to purchase FIXED DEPOSITS from designated banks such as SBI & IDBI & other named nationalized BANKS AND TO BUY IT FOR THREE YEARS TERM
  27. I know that my purchases will be in my name and the nominee will be my spouse and the instruments will remain with me until all of us meet to transfer our money from these to newly opened current bank account per cooperative to begin our project
  28. I am aware that I am part of this venture when I purchase the FIXED DEPOSIT of INR 5.00 lacs in fixed deposit, term three years and that I have to post the Xerox copies of my documents to the creator / developer / coordinator by speed post & email   


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