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This article is on this website for the simple purpose that each one of you on this website are related to agriculture cultivation and farming and the moot point is the word “cooperative” meaning to work together, to join every tract of land for voluminous cultivation at economical cost irrespective of status, culture & creed.


Coalition still means individualistic attributes still given priority.


Contract still means the few will gain at the cost of majority.


Landlord or Landlords still means exploitation.


Cooperative still means equal share.


The second part of the above question is answered. Now let us reflect on the WHY?


The agriculture colleges the existing ones churns out different forms of agriculturist after studies of four degree course and two years post graduate course these students of agriculture join other career’s instead of developing better agriculture for the nation.


The above aged 40 years are so frustrated that when they teach the new student in agriculture they make sure that the student joins another field of work after passing out.


The amount of investment made to put up a car manufacturing plant or a petrochemical plant the same proportion of investment is never made in the field of agriculture by the individual, the bank and the policies.


The doubt that agriculture cannot give guaranteed returns to investments must it exist.


Agriculture is treated similar to kitchen garden status.


Agriculture Scientist can definitely demark areas suitable to soil and climate to formulate policies that each state in our nation can cultivate particular crop or produce suitable to the state and confidently operate the barter system and genuinely export the surplus.


Solar Panels or windmills can become cost effective on volume usage, thus cut power cost.


The waterways can effectively operational to transit goods in volume from state to another and then use the roadways to deposit goods to wholesale markets, then to retail & consumers.     


Cost effective warehouses well ventilated for storage of dry goods, cold storages with controlled temperatures for perishables along with reefer vans and wagons & containers with controlled temperatures suitable independently for both dry goods and perishables.


Unforeseen circumstances will not hurt as each involved will have equal share in profit not like stocks and bonds where some has to lose in order to make the other gain, the true cause of divide or gap in society between humans or to say brother & sister.

Government institutions or institutions such as agropedia spend time and resources on a farmer cultivating just one to four acres or 50 to 200 acres to help them cultivate better and officers of these institutions travel all four zones to learn that after four years the farmer has given up cultivation.


Quite well known fact that a profitable venture must begin with minimum four acres and the first three years is no loss no profit years, the trickle of profit begins in the fourth year, in order to sustain these four years the amount of investment needed is approx INR 6.00 Cr. The subsidies offered the loans planned do not consider the gestation period, the officers of the bank do not know ABC of agriculture, neither import & export laws & norms, neither packaging norms, neither study the transit time that takes to reach destination, the status of the transporter and condition of the vehicle. The cost at which the goods will be sold overseas must be revealed before exports and the nation too must gain. The banks do heavy loose when consignment perishes on reaching destination.  


Time people willingly get involved in order to prove that cooperative faming with mixed crop is the solution to growth of farming. In cooperative farming everyone who participates are equal owners. Each one with talent can help directly and can be on wages to bring success with individual knowledge to projects.


HTMRM is one such project owned by none but each are to be equal partners through small savings to develop a whole village by adopting the village and cultivating four acres per crop in cooperative mode. The village chosen is Poladpur in Raigad on NH.17; near Kashedi Ghats as it has proximity to the nearest International Airport, a Railway terminal that can transit to every part of the nation, a Highway that connects to the west & north, to south & east, the city of mumbai, the cold storage facilities at the airport. The climatic conditions most suitable to grow the exotic varieties of produce, fruits and vegetables & flowers along with the regular and daily varieties of crops as needed in open farming technique or green houses with controlled atmosphere free from wind velocity a source to damage plastic film green house. 


Let us open our hearts and minds for people are going to come on their own with their small savings of INR 5.00 Lacs in Nationalised Bank Fixed Deposit of a three years term period fully tax paid to be tomorrows farmers on 13th April 2016, and it is at this time experts that you are should come forward to help build these cooperatives as explained in detail in the websites or


HTMRM by 2025 will have established a concept to be adapted in around the country and many mouths will be fed, many a jobs garnered, firm directions given to students in choice of a career, none need go abroad for studies, the brain drain will cease. India will lead the world and agriculture will have a sustained growth not less than 6% each year, not Israel but India to teach cultivation to the world.


My role from 1956 to 2013 has always been to walk into the unexpected in any field Professional or Spiritual, on the initial the comments are ‘not possible’ ‘mad’ ‘will never happen’ ‘seeking utopia’ but in the end each one finds it to be right initiative but before time. Concepts are never for today but always for tomorrow, importance is to lay it out today.


I have seen many a first in my life time and believe me this too will be one amongst all. Do not just reject give it time to mature and it will be nothing less than goldmine. Agriculture or Politics, Education or Entertainment, White Collar or Laborer, Hospitals or Pharmaceuticals, Doctor or Nurses, Parents or Children, Religion or Charity, Scientist or Engineer, Finance or Law, the core word will be “Cooperative” Cooperation.


Rest assured be it life in space or on the degenerated earth after the third world war, the generation from the womb to the age of ten years will continue using the core technique “cooperative” negativeness is in built character in man both today and tomorrow will never eradicate this trait completely but definitely be under self control.


The truth about revealed scams is this that in order to keep the major scam from being revealed the smaller scams are brought in to the limelight for each one knows that people lose interest easily. Similar approach is to the pricing, a small example, remember the price of sugar was at one time Rs 6.00 per Kg and just before the budget the price increase was doubled meaning sugar was to cost Rs 12.00 per Kg. Lots of agitation and the price was brought to Rs 10.00 per Kg and all remained satisfied and accepted the Rs 4.00 per Kg jump. Same principles applied even today in every sector of every industry.


Cooperative means losing the “I” Cooperative means ushering in the “WE”. 

Hope this answers the above two questions “Why? What?”    The importance of CHOOSING your SITE - for all of us to ruminate, ponder & to put into practice on time a concept that is bound to benefit as we wean away from conservative cultivation. HTMRM is just one name.


In conclusion let me ask you, my eldest daughter having done four years B.SC Agriculture & two years M.SC Agriculture Economics after her 12th with 87% + & choosing to do Agriculture in willingness is now working for a Bank through campus interview but far away from agriculture. Second daughter completed her B.SC in Microbiology & yet to complete her M.SC in Microbiology got diverted. My in laws are basically farmers but for want in resources. There are many like both of them in our country for the simple reason agriculture in India is given a step motherly treatment for want of committed involvement & without fear of risk.


Agriculture cannot belong to one individual, neither to few individuals, nor to just a corporate or corporate. Agriculture must belong to the nation and people from all walks of life must be involved in agriculture. Individuals must invest in the growth of agriculture and we each must not forget that it is our very first profession, be it being given by god or after man evolved from ape, whatever be your belief the phase in agriculture must change.  The honest sweat of man mixes with the soil to generate the required food for mankind. Man stopped toiling in sweat and generated terrorist & terror & terrorism. “Empty mind is a d-evil’s workshop”


Wisdom, Science & Knowledge are gifts to us from God, all three used wisely can help harvest in plentiful to sustain all and yet the suit and tie can be worn for these are needed in meetings and recreation after 6.00 pm and not the table and chair job concept that we lean upon these past few years and in today’s times the table and chair concept is disguised as “call centre’s” and in these call centre’s there is no usage of either wisdom, science or knowledge for growth is stemmed and zombies are being created with twelve hour shifts, four hours travel, no family or cultural life, salaries and wages spent on ready to eat meals from micro ovens, children in tuition classes from morning to evening to achieve 99% without overall growth, excess spending with credit cards, live in relationship, divorce within three years of marriage all because we are manufacturing cars, putting up petrochemical plants, offshore projects for oil, power grids, haphazard constructions both horizontal & vertical but zero investment in agriculture.


The Singrur incident, the money invested, the money diverted due to shift, the political investment, the individual arrogance, the car is yet out of reach of common man, but had the total sum been invested to develop the same are in Singrur on 60:40 ratio of partnership the farmers of Singrur in these years would have fed the mouths of many in the nation. Then we needed railway lines but did we need a car today? The petrochemical plant in Jamnagar and the Kitchen Garden next to it and the air conditioned international schools are beyond the reach of common man. Every existing school/college needs a good chemistry lab, a play ground for sports and games, school/college buildings can be extended but the concept is still “I” & never “WE” the man who sweats is never obese, uses wisdom, craves knowledge & leans on science not just for personal growth, but for the growth of the family, community, village, district, state, nation & the world.


Many of you would read this article and the truth of this article will reach you and you will willingly join the concept by saving the small amount and 30000+ of you will converge in Poladpur in Maharashtra by 2016, willing to sweat it out for seven years in order to establish the concept of Cooperative Mixed Produce Farming in India without having to leave your present jobs or profession but monitor the concept with the ones on wages to be made partners tomorrow through the same small savings and the trust fund to cater through the existing institution taking care of the marginalized. Provide jobs and we will never need free meal, all will pay. I am confident of this happening with or without me for the project venture HTMRM COOPERATIVE MIXED PRODUCE FARMING belongs to you not me. I received this concept in my spiritual life and my job responsibility to God was to reach this out to you and the means of communication both computer and internet, came to me as God’s gift and I am not so conversant in its use but with mistakes and error brought the concept before you. Each article written is not written by me but inspired by God’s spirit used my fingers to bring the concept before you, the reality of it to begin on the 13th of April 2016, established by 2023 March 31st.


A prime minister on a bicycle & the slogan “Jai Kisan, Jai Jawan” will be difficult to find but these are traits of commitment & man has not lost these traits and the 30000+ of your along with the landowner farmers will set an example to the nation and the world. 


Every thought or view in this article is my own but the medium of the website is essential to reach you and there is no compulsion but a voluntary commitment make it happen with  whole heart, mind, body & soul that will feed not just you and me but We in times to come forever.  

 John Francis Joseph Puthanpurakal ( &

John Francis Joseph Puthanpurakal

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