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Homoeopathy in agriculture


 By G.S.R.MURTHI         

The Universe is composed of Manifestations of different Energies, Like – Wise all living organisms are bodies of vehicles of manifestations are without exemption constituted of energy units.  Disease is an inhibition of free flow of energies in any from – life.  The art of clearing the disease lies in correcting the distorted forces and remove the inhibitions.  This is accomplished by the self – protecting force called vital force.  When this vital force succumbs to disease force, the subject falls prey to it.  So any correction is by helping the weakened or affected vital force. A force only can tackle another force.  So homoeopathy which converts the physical matter into a form by potentization is the only method to assist the vital – force in setting right these energies and remove the inhibitions.  For free flow of forces.  That’s why Allopathy, working on gross physiological matter fails to set right the ill – health totally, but makes superficial adjustments.

Chemical fertilizers and poisonous pesticides are analogous to allopathy which can seemingly set right the physical manifestations and can apparently allure, by supplementation.  These unassimilated physiological matters, establish thier own deleterious conditions in the soil & plant physiology.  Where as the Homeopathic plant nutrients and plant protectors formulated after 30 years of observations & studies over 40 scientific experimentations proved the law and their efficacy of their intentions. 

These formulations do not act on the plants physiology but assists the vital force to act intelligently to –

  1. Correct the inhibitions for free flow of energies,  establishing a healthy plant life,
  2. Triggers the plant’s self – defence mechanism to be antagonistic to pests and diseases, and also,
  3.  Helps the soil bacteria, attracts atmospheric nitrogen, solar, terrestrial and cosmic synergies and fix in the soil rejuvenating its nutrition.

Thus a holistic approach for healthy soils, orderly plant – life and self-protection, in other words Agriculture at large – is established paving way for sustainable Agriculture.

Since 1973.  Several field trials and scientific experiments have been conducted and formulation for the following crops and horticulture have been fixed. 




Paddy Roses Specific micronutrients
Ground nut All flowering plants Micronutrients
 Pulses Vegetables Zinc deficiency
Millets Fruit bearing trees  
Sugar cane Plantation crops  

Plant Protection:

10 Varieties to cover all Pests & Diseases have been formulated organic farming.

The following are the advantages on adopting Homoeo in Oraganic forming.

  1. Promises Quantum Production AT PAR or even SIGNIFICANT with respect to modern agriculture.
  2. Healthy soils, healthy plant – life and healthy yields,
  3. Improve humus and soil bacteria.
  4. Restores natural taste, color, flavor and improves cooking quality.
  5. Reduces incidence of pests and diseases so the need for pest control measures.
  6. Poison free pest control; fodder, yields & food.
  7. Echo – friendly and eliminates atmospheric pollution.
  8. Sure, safe and sustainable without compromises,
  9. No technicalities and easy to switch over,
  10. Easy to carry and handling.



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