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herbicide dose

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agropedia specialist, pls tell me how to calculate the dose of herbicide with examples for the crops ?

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Calculation based on herbicide application


Experience has shown that to spray one hectare with a hydraulic nozzle sprayer in good working condition and a 15 liter sprayer, one will need 300 liters of solution, i.e. 20 sprayer loads.

Type 1 recommendation

To control grasses, 5 liter of propanil should be applied per hectare. Its mean ...

1 liter = 1000 ml

20 sprayers (15 L each) per ha

5000 ml/ 20 = 250

i.e. 250 ml  per 1 small Kap-sac sprayer and 20 loads will be required.


Type 2 recommendation(for insecticides)


                                                Volume of spray solution   ×   Per cent strength of insecticide required

Amount of insecticide=   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­                                                                                                                               per cent strength of insecticide given


Amount of malathian 25 EC when applied as 0.025 per cent solution

                                                                300  × 0.025

                                                =             ---------------


                                                =  0.3 liter or 300 ml/ ha


need in a way ....

Sethoxydim @ 0.22-0.54 a. i.  kg ha-1 or cycloxydin @ 0.22-0.54 a. i.  kg ha-1 and  Fluazifop @ 0.22 a. i.  kg ha-1 

these herbicide were  recommeded to me by agropedia  , how to calculate the dose of these herbicide , that i need. 

Not in that sense.

thanks for ur reply 

if any specialist write the dose of herbicide that are used in India generally ( not in active ingredient ) , leads to great help for every people involve in agriculture.

The recommended dose of herbicides


The recommended dose of sethoxydim is 184 g / ha,

Cycloxydin (Focus 20CE) dose is 1 - 2.5 liter /ha and

Fluazifop dose is 1 - 2 liter /ha.


There is lot of information on herbicides used in particular crop with its dose in agrowiki. Just go through the search option.



no needy info

Dear Rakesh / Agro specialist , 

thanks for reply,,,,

I had searched AGrowiki for that topic but no such information available ( only two pages displayed on herbicide topic ). pls, give me the method for calculation and to be applied dose of herbicide that are available in markets.


Calculation based on pesticides

Dear sir,

I have recentaly posted an artcle in Agrowiki entitled Calculation based on pesticides. I hope that the inforomation given will satisfy your quarry.

with regards,

R. K. Singh

thanks --

thank you for quick reply .

To Help

I have to advise that If not correctly used, herbicides may be dangerous to the health of the farmer or gardner, his or her crops, and the envirment as a whole. but that being said have a look at this i have been reading-books like this to help all the time.

Hope this helps.

Darren J Miller



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