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Help needed in groundnut farming

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groundnut plants are dying from top to bottom what could be reason & how to save plants as the affected area near dead plant continues to increase in size

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Dear Pradeep,

The information provided is not sufficient to arrive at any conclusive decesion. However, if you can provide your complete address/ phone number, Tata chemicals would be glad to arrange a visit/call back.


Sanjay Naithani

Customer Relations Manager

Tata Chemicals Ltd.


Drying of Groundnut plants

Please give some more information as asked under

  • Soil Type
  • Stage of crop
  • Moisture condition of soil/ Irrigation Timing
  • Uproot the infected plant and observe the root, whether it is eaten by insect or there is shrinkage, black/ brown pith (tear the root/ stem and observe)
  • observe the presence of insect in soil


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