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GWT-Agricultural Labour Research&Consultancy

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I would like to intoduce myself:


I am Sijish Nambiar/Grad in Agriculture .

Having worked experience from: IISR(ICAR), ICRISAT,Dept Agriculture, Private Plantations (coffee estate) & farm consultant.

I started My Organization, Name: GWT-Agricultural Labour Research&Consultancy

(Support by : Ministry of Agriculture, NABARD, MANAGE, Govt of India)


We helping to supply Agricultural Labours for agri-farms, horti-farms, plantations & dairy farms in south India landowners (TN, KL, KA – states only)-

Working with 150 clients and more than hundred of labour families.

GWT-Agricultural Labour Research&Consultancy doing Research for land owners/Govt:

•    Managing labours on the farm,
•    practical steps to labour selection, sourcing, recruiting,
•    Performance appraisal,
•    Managing risk in farming,
•    Manage labour conflict dealing,
•    Farm & labour security,
•    Labour market behaviour,
•    Recruiting farm labours
•    Psychological methodologies to measure labour quality,
•    Motivating labours,
•    Labour saving technologies and practices for farming,
•    Managing farm safety,
•    Communication,style of labour management.

We have a main focus to organize Agricultural Labours and land owners(or farmers) for undertaking ministry of agriculture, Govt of India, to reach out big International concept- Green revolution/Global warming in Agriculture

GWT- Agricultural Labour Research&Consultancy
(V helping to supply Agricultural Labours for agri-farms,horti-farms,plantations & dairy farms in south india (TN,KL,KA-states)

Sijish nambiar
No:72,Murugan complX,Nehruji nagar,80ft rm main road,
Dindigul ,Tamilnadu ,South India.
9487002125 / 9003828077


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