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Common name: Canary grass

Scientific Name: Phalaris minor


  • Its locally also known as Genhu ka mama, mandusi and kankari.
  • It is an annual weed, which belongs to Gramineae family.
  • During initial stages it is difficult to differentiate Phalaris minor from the wheat seedlings.
  • Its leaves are light green in colour compared to the darker leaves of wheat. P. minor has prominent legule and very poorly developed auricle, whereas wheat has prominent auricle and poorly developed legule.
  • Its base is pigmented and pink colour exudate comes out from roots, leaves and stem when uprooted/cut or crushed whereas in wheat the exudate is colourless.



Control Measure

  • Pre emergence application of pendimethalin 30 EC (Stomp) at the rate of 3.3 liter/ha in 500-750 litres of water/ha at the time 3-5 days after sowing.
  • Post emergence application of sulfosulfuron at the rate of 25 g/ha, clodinafop at the rate of 60 g/ha, isoproturon (in non-isoproturon resistant areas) at the rate of 1kg/ha in 250-300 litres of water at the time of 30-35 days after sowing.

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