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Guava Varieties & its Characteristics

Guava Varieties & its Characristics

L-49 (Lucknow-49): It is prolific bearer, greenish yellow with milky white sweet pulp and rough surface. Shell is fairly thick, contains fairly soft few seeds in inner portion of pulp. Since the number of seeds is less, keeping quality is medium it is very popular in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. It is suitable for table purpose and yields about 25t/ha.

Allahabad Safeda: This is the most famous variety gown in Uttar Pradesh for table purpose. Tree is medium in height (5.8-6.5m) with vigorous branching and dense foliage. Fruits are medium in size (180g), round in shape with few seeds. Fruit is white fleshed with good keeping quality.

Banarasi: The variety attains a height of 4.0 to 5.5 m with a broad crown and fruits are round, light-yellow in colour. It is mainly cultivated for table purpose.

Chittidar: The Chittidar is similar to the Safeda except that it has many pinkish red dots of the size of a pinhead on the surface of the fruit.

Harijha: The variety attains a height of about 3.5 to 4.5 m and is sparsely branched. Fruits are round,greenishyellow in colour with a sweet taste.

Red Fleshed: Tree attains 3-5m height. The branches are spreading with roundish oval fruit, which has yellowish skin with pink colour flesh.

Arka Mridula: This varriety is a selection from open pollinated seedlings of Allahabad Safeda. Plants are semi-tall in nature and spreading. Fruits are round in shape and weigh about 180g. Skin is yellow in colour and smooth. Flesh is white in colour. The TSS is around 12OBrix. Fruits are soft seeded and have a good keeping quality. It is good for processing due to high contents of pectin (1.041%).

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