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Groundnut Variety ICGS 1 (ICGV 87119)

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Dwivedi, S.L.
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ICGS 1 , ICGV 87119
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Purpose of Description

ICGS 1, also known as ICGV 87119, was released in 1990 by the Central Sub- Committee on Crop Standards, Notification, and Release of Varieties, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India for rainy-season cultivation in Bihar, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh states in India. It has also been released by the State Varietal Release Committee as "Spring Groundnut 84" (SG 84) for the spring-season (Feb-Jun) cultivation in Punjab. Its performance in the summer-season cultivation in Uttar Pradesh was very encouraging.

Origin and Development

ICGS 1 was bred and developed at ICRISAT Center. It originates from a singleplant selection made in a natural hybrid population of an Indian variety Robut 33-1 (now known as Kadiri 3) in 1977/78. The single-plant selection was grown in progeny rows for two seasons following the pedigree method and later advanced to uniformity by bulk pedigree method. Its pedigree is (Robut 33-l)-7-4-B1-B1-B1-B1- B1-B1-B1-B1-B1-B1. Kadiri 3 is an early-maturing virginia-type variety. The other parent of ICGS 1 is unknown, but may have been a spanish-type variety since the natural hybrids were identified by the presence of flowers on the main axis, and sequentially branched Spanish forms were subsequently observed in the segregating generations.

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