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Groundnut Bihar hairy caterpillar

                                                   Groundnut Bihar Hairy Caterpillar


It is a major pest of sunflower. It is a polyphagous pest attacking sunflower, castor, cotton, greengram, bengalgram, maize and sunhemp.


Larva crimson colored with black head with broad transverse band and tufts of yellow hairs that are dark at both ends. Pupa forms a thin silken   cocoon by interwoven shed hairs of the larvae.   


    Spilosoma (Diacrisia) obliqua

         Arctiidae: Lepidoptera

     Kannada Name: Kambali hulu

Life cycle:

Female lays around 50-100 eggs on lower surface of the leaves. Pupation takes place under dry debris, foliage and soil

Nature of damage:

Young larvae feed gregariously on the under surface of the leaves. Early instars  skelatonise the leaves gregariously. Feed on leaves and cause loss by way of defoliation.

Damage symptoms:

  • Leaf Skeletonisation.
  • Defoliation leaving only stem and petioles.
  • Similar to Red headed hairy caterpillar, goat or cattle grazed appearance is seen.
  • In severe cases, only stems are left behind.




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