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Green Revolution-Kerala

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 It may appear like a small step,but many believe,

this is perhaps the beginning of

 second green revolution in kerala


There is a shortage of labour in Kerala's agriculture sector as the average educated Malayali prefers white collar jobs in Gulf countries.This scarcity has created jobs especially at the lower end and also increased the wages much more than the national average.

People of Kerala now depend on other neighbouring States for food grains, vegetables, milk, meat, and several other groceries. Majority of children in Kerala now have not seen the plant which yields rice. Vast green paddy fields have now been filled and converted to plantation crops, shopping complexes, or remaining arid and uncultivated

What changes would it require now, in technology, institutions and services, policies and approach?

To cultivate in every bit of unused land and help the state gradually achieve

self sufficiency in agricultural production.


Kerala is heavily dependent on neighbouring states.

GWT-Agricultural Labour Research&Consultancy are just trying for an across-the-board attempt at improving

not only food production but also livestock production


What we are looking for now?


a) Land holder in kerala(one acre,two acre……500 acre)

b) NRI malayali’s who has land in Kerala


-         Let us jointly plan for Green Revolution and engage Agricultural Labours for Our God’s own country development



GWT- Agricultural Labour Research&Consultancy

Sijish nambiar


No:72,Murugan complX,Nehruji nagar,80ft rm main road,

Dindigul ,Tamilnadu ,South India.

9487002125 / 9003828077/9677982862(area manager) /

 Web site:

 Mr.Waleed Yazeed

 Project Director(saudhi Arabia)


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