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Green revolution to evergreen revolution

The prime goal of the green revolution was to fulfil the food demand and to make the country food secure. Thus places with high fertility involving resource rich farmers are mainly involved which results in uneven spreading of green revolution, largely confined to Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh. Sayings of green revolution critics is true up to a certain extent but it is not a whole sole true because green revolution have also created huge employment in agriculture sector, transport and storage  which has ultimately supported the marginal farmers. Small and marginal farmers can also derive the maximum benefits if we focus on following issues

1. Dissemination of technology suited to small landholdings.

2. Enhancing true spirit of cooperatives.

3. Appropriate and timely financing with transparency.

4. Unbiased agricultural policies free of discrimination for small and marginal farmers.

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very good article

very good article grijesh....add few more articles...

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