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Green leaf hopper

Green Leaf  Hopper : Nephotettix nigropictus Stal. and Nephotettix virescens Distant  (Hemiptera : Cicadellidae )

Kannada name: Hasiru Jigi Hulu


          Male                      Female                                            Nephotettix malayanus           Nephotettix virescens  

Period of occurrence Seedling to Panicle Initiation stage

Damaging stage of the insect : Nymphs and Adults

Alternate hosts: It also feeds on a number of grasses.

Factors favouring insect damage:

  • Grasses near irrigation canals
  • Rice rationing
  • Low rainfall with high temperature
  • Excess use of nitrogen
  • Staggered planting

Life cycle :

Eggs: White, elongate or cigar shaped, laid in groups (3-18) on inner surface of leaf sheath. Incubation period: 6-7 days

Nymph: Transparent, white and shiny (0.9 - 3.1 mm), at maturity turns yellowish to green; Nymphal period: 18 days

Adult: N. nigropictus: Male with two black spots extending to balck distal portion of forewing, a black tinge along the anterior margin of pronotum and a submarginal black band on the crown of the head.

  • There are about 6 overlapping generations from March to November. The insect overwinters in the adult stage.
  • The pest population is the maximum in July - August and decreases markedly after a heavy rain.

 Damage symptoms:

  • Stunted growth and reduced tillering.
  • On tillers appearance of white patches at higher population level.
  • Transmits virus diseases: tungro, yellow dwarf, yellow-orange leaf, and transitory yellowing.


                                     GLH Dmage                                        Rice yellow dwarf

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