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Grapes crop calendar for May month


Grapes crop calendar for May month

Name pests/diseases

Damage symptoms

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Flea beetle,

Sceledonta strigicollis

Drying up of new buds and leaves

Remove loose bark

Rake the soil at the base of the plant to expose grubs

Spray carbaryl @ 4 g/l  or quinalphos @ 1.5 ml/l


Rhipiphorothrips cruentatus

Berries develop  corky layer and become brown on maturity


Spray Roger @ 1.5 ml/l  OR

Oxydemeton methyl @ 1.5 ml/l   during flowering and early berry developmental stage


Grapes Anthracnose


Dark brown sunken spots on the tender arial parts.


Spray Benomyl/Bavistin/Bitertanol (1gm/lit)



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