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Grapes crop calendar for july month

Grapes crop calendar for july month

Name of  pests/diseases

Damage symptoms

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 Rhipiphorothrips cruentatus


Berries develop  corky layer and become brown on maturity



Spray Roger @ 1.5 ml/l  OR

Oxydemeton methyl @ 1.5 ml/l   during flowering and early berry developmental stage


Grapes Anthracnose


Dark brown sunken spots on the tender arial parts.



Fungicidal spray of Difolatan (0.2%) or Dithane M-45 (0.2%) or Bavistin (0.1%) or Methyl thiophanate (0.1%) or Daconil (0.2%) or Delan (0.2%) or Baycor (0.1%) at 10 days intervals. Interval should be reduced during rainy days.


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