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Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture & Technology

Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture & Technology



ABOUT US: The Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture & Technology ( is the first university in India to blend Technology with Agriculture. The university was adjudged the best State Agricultural University in 1997. The establishment of this university brought about a revolution in agricultural education, research and extension. It paved the way for setting up of 31 other agricultural universities in the country.

EDUCATION/ACADEMICS: The University offers Undergraduate Programmes, Postgraduate Programmes and PhD Courses. The University follows a Semester System. Many agricultural colleges are affiliated to this university like college of Agriculture, college of Agribusiness Management, Basic Sciences & Humanities, Fishery Sciences, Hill Agriculture & Forestry, Home Science, Technology, Veterinary & Animal Sciences, P.G. Studies, and VCSG College of Horticulture.  

RESEARCH: The research project is the basic unit used for organization, administration, budgeting, monitoring, evaluation, and processing of all research in the University. The University has made significant achievements on agricultural research front and released a number of technologies for adoption by farmers and other end users. Release of 211 varieties of field crops, vegetables, fruits, flowers, agro forestry trees etc., of which many varieties are recommended for hill agriculture. Technology for mushroom production and processing and transfer of technology to more than 1000 farmers (mostly BPL) in a year. Development and Commercialization of Trichoderma harzianum and Gliocladium virens for biological control of diseases in soybean, chickpea, etc. Production and marketing of Pant zero-till ferti-seed drill for direct sowing of wheat immediately after rice harvesting. Marketing of over 500 Pant zero-till drills to over 11 States by the University itself. Production and marketing of hill implements such as Pauri nasuda, danala, damala, wheel hoes, hand and foot operated paddy threshers, winnowing fan etc. through Research and Testing Centre (Pauri Garhwal) and Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering. Development of technologies for enzyme treatment of pulses and oil seeds for enhanced recovery of dal (6-8%) and oil (2.5%), development of kit for detection of urea adulteration in milk, diagnosis kit for detection of pregnancy in cattle and buffalo on 20th day of breeding, development of technique of artificial aeration and showering system in breeding pond for successful spawning of carps even without rains and monsoon

EXTENSION: Various extension programmes are undertaken for dissemination of scientific information to the farmers and others related with agriculture. Under National Model Watershed Project, a watershed in Aonla tehsil of Bareilly district was successfully developed during 1986-1992. Various demonstrations, namely, varietal, maximum production, weed control, vegetable crops, fruit crops, agricultural implements and front line demonstrations (FLDs) have been very successful in training grass root personnel as well as farmers. The Directorate of Extension is conducting a course based distance education programme in 17 subject matter areas in Hindi for the farmers, rural school dropouts and unemployed rural youth. Viewing the change in the scenario of agriculture, contents of these courses have been revised.

For large-scale dissemination of technology, two All-India Farmers' Fairs, one each in kharif (October) and rabi (March) season, are organized for 4 days at the University's main campus, Pantnagar. University scientists have adopted 109 villages for agricultural development. The technical programmes to solve the problems of the villages have been prepared. The Directorate of Extension has published 55 folders or leaflets after thorough revision on different aspects of agriculture including package of practices of important crops, plant protection measures, agriculture implements, fruits and vegetables, veterinary sciences and other related aspects. Four new folders on agro forestry, sericulture, and zero tillage and food requirements for diabetic patients have also been added.

Diversification and intensification of agriculture has been initiated in the 2 districts of Uttaranchal viz., Nainital and Dehradun under UPDASP. Crop production and related technologies like animal husbandry, fisheries, sericulture, beekeeping,  , vegetable and fruit production, etc. are being demonstrated, analysed and evaluated at farmers' fields.

Strengthening and intensification of Veterinary Extension has been done by organizing clinical camps, kisan gosthies, etc. in which vaccination, deworming and parasiticidal sprays to control internal and external parasites and infectious diseases are arranged. The expert teams also visit for disease investigation and control of an outbreak of diseases like FMD, HS, BQ, Anthrax, RD, MD, etc in livestock. The training unit of the Directorate of Extension organized short and medium-term institutional training courses at Pantnagar for the benefit of different categories of Government officers, bank personnel, SMS, farmers, retiring defence personnel, farmers for Doon Valley Water-shed Management Project, tribals etc. The trainings have also been organized to generate self-employment opportunities for rural youth on beekeeping, mushroom production, livestock management, poultry keeping, piggery etc. KVKs established by the University have taken up extension activities as per mandate of these institutions.


ADDRESS: G. B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology

                  Pantnagar - 263145

                  Dist. Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand (India)

                  Phone: +91-5944-233320, 233350; Fax: +91-5944-233473


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