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Good Agricultural practices for wheat

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Wheat is the most important Rabi cereal crop used as staple food in India. It alone contributes about 33 percent to the total food grain production of the country. The area, production and productivity of wheat and rice are given in table 1 & 2. It contains about 10-14% protein in grains. Its protein quality is also very much important for good health of human being. The suitable package of practices for what cultivation from intensive agronomic research has been forwarded form time to time. It may be emphasized that there is prime need to adopt latest agronomic recommendations to utilize full potential of newly developed what varieties.

Tips for harvesting a bumper crop of wheat

• Select the recommended varieties for your area specific to each cultural condition.
• Use certified seed or good physical purity and germination.
• Do not delay sowing beyond recommended period.
• Apply recommended quantity of fertilizers and use correct methods of application.
• Take proper care of weeds under control at right time with chemicals/manual weed control measure.
• Irrigate at proper time/stage of crop and avoid over irrigation.
• Adopt proper crop protection measures.
• Harvest the crop at proper stage and keep at safe moisture level.
• For optimizing any input is the most important and any negligence in this respect can not be rectified by making by any modification in the method and quantity.

Tips for harvesting good crop after rice in rice-wheat system

• Select the rice and wheat varieties so that wheat sowing can be done at right time.
• In late sown condition use 25% higher seed rate than normal and row to row distance should be 15-18 cm.
• Avoid more puddling in rice crop.
• Sowing should be done by Zero till ferti seed droll at proper time in Rice-Wheat System.
• Dhaincha can be grown after the harvest of wheat crop for green manurring.
• Use 20-25 kg/ha nitrogen in the from of urea to decompose rice stubbles.

A mature wheat crop

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