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Golden Jubilee of Farmers Fair (Mar.6-9, 2010)

Golden Jubilee of Farmers Fair (Mar.6-9, 2010)

Farmer's fair which is also popularly known as 'Krishi Kumbh' is been organized from Mar. 6-9, 2010.  Here a joint stall is organized under NAIP entitled ''Redesigning the farmer extension-agricultural research/education continuum in India with ICT mediated knowledge management,' jointly by IIT Kanpur and GBPUAT Pantnagar where the information about NAIP portals like Agropedia, aAQUA and, etc. are being given. The importance of these portals will be explained to scientists, students, extension personnel, farmers etc. where they will be told how to get register, how to search and also how to contribute to the portal.

The portal 'agropedia' ie. was developed and launched by IIT, Kanpur whereas agriculture information including concept map was provided by GBPUAT, ICRISAT team. This portal covers agrowiki, library, agroblog, question & answer forum etc. Pantnagar team is working on 9 mandatory crops like wheat, organic basmati rice, sugarcane, litchi, potato, etc. The information in agropedia is available in 16 regional languages.

The portal 'aAQUA' ie. was developed and launched by IIT Bombay where farmers get agri-tips and voice SMS on their mobiles on daily basis. These information were created by Pantnagar team and send to IIT Bombay for their usage in Agri-tips SMS.

The portal was developed and launced by IIITM Kerela where weather information is being sent to IIITMK team on daily basis. This information will be utilized for developing the model for 'early warning signals for late blight of potato'.

Through these portals agriculture and allied sector related information are being provided to all visitors in NAIP stall in Krishi Kumbh Mar.6-9, 2010 at Pantnagar.

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