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GM crops ?

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Several states now allow either research or cultivation of GM crops.

 Shall we really need GM crop in India? Discuss the following points.

1. Bt Cotton caused allergies among cotton farmers in M.P.

2. Orissa is going to be the play ground for Bt Brinjal.

3. GM crop companies first made GM experiments and farming in South Africa. But S.African farmers are now turning to organic Agriculture because of GM after effects.

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As far as I understand, the

As far as I understand, the term GM stands for 'genetically modified' There can be different purposes which drives genetic modification of the crops, like increasing the yield for making short term profit, improving the nutrition quality, health sustainability etc each of which has their own implications on health and economy of the society. For example, if the genetic modification is done only for increasing the short term yield, and people are not conveyed about the additional hidden costs like 'increased uses of artificial fertilizers and pesticides' which further deteriorates the soil fertility in long run, then the short term profit generated from the cultivation which is limited only to small group, can turn into a long term maintainability of farming practices and its adverse effects can spread in much larger domains of economy and society.

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