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Fusarium wilt - vegetable pea

Fusarium wilt- fungal disease of vegetable pea


Causal Organism: Fusarium oxysporum f. pisi.

  • This seed as well as soil-borne disease has gradually become serious in summer (May-June) sown crop.


  • Symptom of the disease is more pronounced in 3 to 5 week old plants. In young seedlings, cotyledons droop and wither.
  • Yellowing of lower leaves and stunting of plants.
  • The xylem vessels develops brown discolouration and get distorted.
  • Leaflet margins curl downward and inward.
  • The stem may be slightly swollen and brittle near the soil.
  • Internal woody stem tissue often is discolored, turning lemon brown to orange brown.
  • Externally, the root system appears healthy; however, secondary root rots are likely to occur on plants wilted for long periods.
  • Eventually, wilted plants may die.


fusarium wilt


  • Avoid early sowing in badly infested areas.
  • Crop rotation
  • Removal of the roots of the diseased plants which reduces the load of inoculum.
  • Deep summer ploughing.

Seed treatment with Thiram @ 3 g/kg of seed or with 0.1% Bavistein solution for 30 minutes.

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