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Fusarium wilt in pigeonpea

Wilt: Fusarium uduum

Local name: seedi roga/sorgu roga

Damaging systems:

  • Sudden drooping of leaves.
  • Purple band extending upwards from the base of the main stem.
  • When the stem is split open Browning or blackening of the xylem is seen when the main stem or primary branches are split open
  • After 45 to60 days after sowing, the disease infested field drying of plants. It will be more at the time of flowering stage.


Cultural practices:

  • Maruti (ICP 8863) or asha can tolerate this disease.
  • Crop rotation with sorghum or castor, intercropping or mixed cropping with sorghum to reduce the infestaion.
  • At the time of harvesting disease plants uproot and destroyed it.
  • Deep ploughing operation
  • Crop rotation with cereals crops once in 2 to 3 years

Chemical control:

  • Seed treatment with 4 g Trichoderma viride formulation + 3g thiram per kg of seed and application of 2 kg of the formulation per acre mixed with FYM help in managing the disease

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