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Fusarium Wilt in Pigeonpea

Fusarium Wilt


  1. Caused by Fusarium udum.
  2. Seed and Soilborne.
  3. Survives on infected plant debris in the soil.
  4. Disease first appears on young seedlings of 4-6 weeks age but more wilting is observed during flowering and podding stages.
  5. More severe on black soils than on red soils.
  6. Ratooning pre-disposes the plant to wilt.
  7. Long and medium duration types suffer more than short-duration types.


  1. Select fields with no previous record of wilt for at least 3 years.
  2. Use disease-free seed.
  3. Grow pigeonpea intercropped or mixed with cereal crops. e.g. sorghum.
  4. Rotate pigeonpea with sorghum, tobacco, or castor every 3 years.
  5. Uproot wilted plants and use them for fuel wood.
  6. Solarize the field in summer to help reduce inoculum.
  7. Grow varieties resistant to Fusarium wilt.
  8. Seed treatment with 4gTrichoderma viride formulation + 3 g thiram per kg seed and a pplication of 2kg T.virideformulation mixed with 125 kg FYM per ha.
Dead plant due to Fusarium wilt

Affected root system due to Fusarium Wilt

Blackening of the xylem
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