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Fusarium Wilt in Chickpea

Fusarium wilt
Lesions on leaflets     General Information :
  • caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp.ciceri.

  • A seed and soil borne disease.

  • Incidence is generally higher in warmer and drier climates and in the absence of crop rotations.

      Symptoms :

  • The field symptoms are dead seedlings or plants, usually in patches.

  • The disease can be observed within 2 weeks of sowing.

  • Seedlings collapse and lie flat on the ground with dull green color.

  • When uprooted, plants show uneven shrinking of the stem above and below the collar region (soil level).

  • When split open vertically from the collar dark brown to black discoloration tissues is visible.

Lesions on leaflets
Died infected flowers
Died infected flowers
Control :
  • Use disease-free seed.
  • Avoid sowing when temperatures are high.
  • Follow 6-year crop rotations.
  • Grow resistant varieties.
  • Seed tratment with Bavistin (carbendazim) 3 g kg-1, or Benlate (benomyl + thiram) 3 g kg-1.
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